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Automation Products

Automation Products

Very often there is more to the welding processes than connecting two pieces of material. In many instances multiple welds are necessary, have to be coordinated, need to be brought into logical order.

Fronius offers a wide range of mechanised welding systems - from pre-developed standard components to complex system solutions specially matched to your applications.

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Standard Components

From mechanical seam-tracking systems up to programmable system controllers. In each and every on of these products lies advanced technology and years of know-how.

Fronius has a wide range of standard components - from mechanical seam-tracking devices up to programmable system controllers. In each of every one of these products lies advanced technology and years of know-how.

And it shows. Because if your application requires, these standard components can readily be combined to make complex system configurations. This opens up a multitude of uses.

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Pre-developed system solutions - optimally matched to sector-specific applications, enable economical production while maintaining highest quality.

In industry-typical system applications, Fronius´ decades of experience in the field of welding automation give it a head-start: Take any industry-typical intem that needs welding - be it shock absorbers in vehicle manufacturing, or boring-heads in the offshore sector - and these ready-developed systems will deliver instant efficiency in many different sectors. 

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Orbital Welding Systems

Perfect welding results and consistently reproducible quality in all areas of pipeline construction.

Everything rotating and in motion - except for one thing, and that´s the weldment itself. The perfect combination of control unit, power source and weldhead offers reproducible quality and cost-effective production.

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